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Initially, TFR is considered a student game, therefore, almost every institute has its own TFR team, which brings together students with an excellent sense of humor and with a desire to realize it.

Almost every regional center has its own league, where teams from any higher institution of the city have the right to take part. TFR is still extremely popular, because many young people dream of showing off the stage and discovering new talents in themselves. The club of cheerful and resourceful (TFR) provides an excellent opportunity for each student to realize themselves.

But the passion for this game brings not only moral satisfaction, but also authority among teachers who like their institute to be famous not only for its excellent level, but also for its versatility and fellow students.

So, if you have a desire to joke from the stage, then join the TFR team of the Rudny Industrial Institute.

RII has Russian and Kazakh leagues of TFR.



Khalu Bereke

student of 4th course, speciality «Information systems»

8 (71431) 5 57 60


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