Scientific activities




Rudny Industrial Institute regularly organizes scientific conferences and seminars on actual problems of science and education, development of various sectors of economy and society. Teachers and students of the Institute and other higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries take an active part in these activities.

Each year, the Institute hosts National research-practical conference for young scientists, graduate, undergraduate and secondary school students. It is also conducted in the form of videoconference within G-global communication platform.

These events allow young researchers to carry out a dialogue on urgent topics and identify active participants having skills for research and creative thinking.

More research platforms for discussion and solution of actual problems of development of various sectors of economy are represented by research schools:

  • Metal forming (Head of school: Abdrakhman Naizabekov, Doctor of Technical Sciences);
  • Research and development of binders and composite materials based on technogenic raw materials (Head of school: Olga Miryuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences);
  • Development of energy-saving, energy-efficient technologies and alternative energy sources (Head of school: Zauresh Khabdullina, Doctor of Technical Sciences).

Research schools are the place where scientists successfully carry out training of research staff through supervising dissertation research, providing consultations on dissertation research, involving students into research activity (providing guidance of students research projects), helping undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in international internship issues.

All scientific events at the Institute are concluded by proceedings.



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