International Cooperation


International activity in Rudny Industrial Institute is aimed at integration into the global educational and scientific community and increasing the role of the Institute in the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

RII supports the principles of the Bologna process such as improvement of credit technology; ensuring academic mobility of students and teachers; issuance of a single European Diploma Supplement; control over the quality of the educational process; development of double-diploma education, and others. Entry of Kazakhstan into European educational space is not only the next step in the process of integration into the global educational space, but also meets the needs of the internal Kazakhstani market of educational services. The main purpose of creating a unified educational space is to make Kazakhstani higher education adequate to international standards, to improve its quality and gradually integrate into the world community.

Currently RII signed and implemented about 50 effective agreements on cooperation with foreign universities in the field of science and education. It established partnerships with leading universities in Russia, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, China and others.

International cooperation is carried out within the framework of cooperation programs with foreign universities, implementation of international educational programs and projects, realization of joint research activities, organization of scientific workshops and conferences, development of exchange of teaching staff and student.

The main task of RII is to strengthen international ties of the Institute, development of academic mobility of students and coordination the Institute’s participation in international projects.

  • coordination of activities of the Institute with foreign universities on the basis of long-term agreements and short-term programs;
  • cooperation in the sphere of education and coordination of educational programs;
  • organization of training of foreign citizens in the Institute in various training programs;
  • organization of training and internship of students, faculty staff and researchers of the Institute in the international scientific, educational and other institutions;
  • implementation of international projects and programs;
  • organization and maintaining links between the alumni of the Institute and other universities near and far abroad.

Since 2005, the Institute participates in IAESTE, an international program for student exchange. Our students annually go through internship at universities and enterprises in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Korea, Italy and other countries. In addition, RII accepts interns from Europe, Asia and the USA.

In 2011, RII won INSPIRE grant. Under this project, RII delegation visited the UK, particularly cities of London, York, Cambridge.

Every year, RII submits proposals for TEMPUS program, together with various universities of Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe for joint development of curricula, launching graduate programs in various specialties, development of cooperation with foreign universities in the field of power engineering, transport logistics, economics, environment, information systems and etc.

In 2011-2014 in the framework of TEMPUS program RII implemented the project “Eco-engineering: ecological processing and sustainable use of renewable resources and bio-waste” with funding in the amount of € 92 thousand.

In 2013-2016 in the framework of TEMPUS program RII implemented the project «TEMPUS543808-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPHES PICTET «EQF-based professional ICT training for Russia and Kazakhstan» aimed at development of professional IT-Education in Russia and Kazakhstan based on the European experience. The project staff of the Department of Automation and Information Systems undergone internship in higher education institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Motraro Technology Park (Spain); students Popov I. and Rakhmetov M. trained in IT-companies of the city of Thessaloniki (Greece).

In 2014 in the framework of “Visiting Professor” program Phillip Imel, a professor of public college in Northern Virginia (USA), conducted classes for students studying Metallurgy.

In 2014 (fall semester) students Muhamedkaliev B., Mazhanova A. and Marar V. trained in Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany), and Faizullin R. and Abilkadyrov N. – in Tennessee Technological University ( SSCHA) within the framework of academic mobility.

In 2015 (fall semester) students Kuzmin S., Kenzhitaeva A. and Lanchev P. studied at the Riga Technical University (Latvia) in the framework of academic mobility.

Elnur Beken and Aldiyar Momysh, students of Rudny industrial institute have successfully completed an internship in Turkey and Poland, respectively, in the field of  Electrical Engineering, within the framework of the IAESTE program – the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience in the period from June to August , 2018.


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