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According to the results of the Independent Higher Education Demand Index of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2022, published by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), Rudny Industrial Institute has significantly improved its position.

In the General Rating of TOP-20 Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the institute is ranked 12th. The Institute ranks 7th in the institutional ranking of universities in the technical field. It should be noted that this is the best result for all years of participation of our university in the IAAR rating

Position of the Rudny Industrial Institute in the IAAR digital ranking

Name 2020г. 2021г. 2022г.
1 General ranking of HEIs in Kazakhstan “Top 20” 8th among technical universities, 13th in the top 20 9th among technical universities, 13th in the top 20 7th among technical universities, 12th in the top 20
2 Ranking of educational programmes/number of EPs ranked in the top 10 of RK 6 groups of educational programmes 7 groups of educational programmes 10 groups of educational programmes
3 Rating of teachers of Kazakhstani HEIs “TOP-50” Naizabekov A.B.

Lezhnev S.N.

Naizabekov A.B.

Lezhnev S.N.

Naizabekov A.B.

Lezhnev S.N.

Volokitina I.E.

RII has made a breakthrough by strengthening the scientific component of the university’s activities, increasing the employment rate of graduates, reformatting international cooperation and developing corporate partnerships with the country’s leading companies.

Seven RII educational programmes were included in the “Top 3” by groups of educational programmes:
Bachelor’s degree: Metallurgy (1st place), Mining Engineering (1st place), Transport, Transport Machinery and Technologies (2nd place), Technology and Design of Light Industry Products (2nd place), Heat Power Engineering (3rd place);
Master’s degree: Mining engineering (1st place), Power engineering (3rd place).

The “TOP-5” includes 3 educational programmes of the Institute: Construction Materials Science (5th place), Construction of Buildings and Structures (5th place), Operation and Repair of Technological Machines and Equipment (5th place).

6 educational programmes of RII were included in the “Top-15“: Economics, Management, Information Systems and Technologies, Electric Power Engineering, Life Safety and Environmental Protection, Automation and Management.

Researchers of Rudny Industrial Institute steadily hold leading positions in the General Rating of Faculty of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2022 the top 50 best teachers and scientists of Kazakhstan are included:
Naizabekov Abdrakhman Batyrbekovich, Chairman of the Board-Rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician,
Lezhnev Sergey Nikolaevich, Professor, Department of Metallurgy and Mining Engineering, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor (Associate Professor) in Metallurgy
Volokitina Irina Evgenyevna, Associate Professor of the Department of Metallurgy and Mining Engineering, PhD, Associate Professor (Associate Professor) in Metallurgy.

In 2022, the Institute for the first time participated in the International IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR), in which universities from Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan took part. The Republic of Kazakhstan was represented by 10 universities. Rudny Industrial Institute took 17th place among 30 universities participating in the ranking. The institute also won in the nomination “IAAR EUR Quality star“.





In 2022. A non-state institution “Independent Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IQAA)” conducted the National rating of leading universities of Kazakhstan 2022. RII took 6th place in the National rating of leading technical universities, scoring 83.22 points (out of 100 possible).








In February 2022, the results of the 2021 ranking of educational programs of Kazakhstani universities, which was conducted by Atameken National Chamber of Commerce, were published.

Two of RII’s educational programs ranked first in the ranking:
Mining“, “Mineral processing

2nd place – “Transport, transport engineering and technology” educational program

The top 10 includes 4 programs: “Metallurgy“, “Construction“, “Electric Power Engineering“, “Technology and Design of Light Industry Products

The TOP 20 includes “Automation and management“, “Thermal power engineering“, “Technological machines and equipment“.

Analysis of the ranking results for the period 2019-2021 showed that such educational programs as Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, Electric Power Engineering and Thermal Power Engineering have improved their positions in the ranking. The percentage of graduates employed has increased significantly. There is a positive trend in this criterion for almost all the institute’s programs.


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