Traditionally, Nauryz hoilday celebrations begin several days before the vernal equinox.

Traditionally, Nauryz holiday celebrations begin several days before the vernal equinox.. On March 13, 2023, teachers and students of the Higher School of Energy and Information Systems took part in the festive event “Nauryz – Spring Festival”. The presenters told about the history, customs and traditions of the Nauryz Meiram holiday. The main part of the event was the readers’ competition “Poems about Spring”, where students showed their skills in eloquence. The expressiveness of performance, literacy of speech were evaluated. In a fun and informative atmosphere, those present shared their favorite works. According to the results of the competition: Veronika Efimova, group Life safety – 22, II-place Badyrov Alibi, group Life safety -20, I – place Degteva Victoria, group Life safety -22.

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