Personnel policy


People become successful per minute when they decided whom to be.


Our strategic goal is supplying of the branches of the economy by competitive specialists, integration of education, science and innovations.
To achieve the strategic goal, we need creative, interested in a result employees.
Personnel policy of the Industrial Institute of Rudny:

  • Fair assessment of each employee’s work;
  • Provision of housing;
  • Large-scale work to improve employees’ skills, annual professional development in Germany, Latvia, Poland, Israel, in the CIS countries.

For further information please call:

+(71431) 50706 (Personnel department, 2nd floor, office226);

Address:50 let Oktyabrya Street, 38. Rudny, Kostanay region.


                       Required documents and employment procedure:
1. You can find out about the availability of vacancies by viewing the subsection “Vacancies” in the right corner of the site;
2. Persons wishing to participate in the competition, submit an application (in any form) addressed to the rector. The application shall have attached thereto following documents
– Labor book;
– Diploma, education certificate;
– 4 photos(3*4);
– Medical clearance (086/y form);
– The medical note from a mental specialist and narcologist
– Individual medical record (with admission to work in an educational institution);
– Identity card (IC);
– Proof of address;
– Military ticket (military service registration certificate);
– Non-conviction certificate;
– Proof of employment about working conditions (with a part-time arrangement);
– Agreementwith JSC“Integrated Accumulative Pension Fund” (IAPF);
– Registration on the job board (
3. Job talk with the members of selection board.

Приемная комиссия

Call - центр

Call-center: 8(71431)50702, 87013849448 По вопросам заселения в общежития: 8(71431)9-25-68, 87054403859 Электронный адрес: