Center «Mangilik El»



The Center is a voluntary association of high course students, college students and students of the Institute, as well as youth of industrial enterprises and organizations of the city of Rudny, created on the basis of common goals and interests for spiritual and moral development and patriotic education of youth on the basis of the idea of ​​”Mangilik El”: this civic equality, industriousness, honesty, the cult of learning and education, secular country – a country of tolerance, the development of a trinity of languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian and English, and also for organizing a leisure of boys and girls.


The development strategy of educational work in accordance with the institute’s policy in the field of quality focuses on the formation of a literate, competent, creatively active, competitive specialist. Meanwhile, future specialists will have to live and work primarily in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the benefit of the whole society. A graduate of the university should develop his attitude to the homeland, the profession, and form a sense of duty and responsibility towards the country and people.

In this regard, the institute plays a special role in the patriotic education of youth. The basis of patriotic education in the institute must be based on history and continuity. The meanings and values are laid exactly in them which can be understood to modern students. In this regard, a special role in the case of civic-patriotic education and the strengthening of spiritual and moral values is given to the nationwide patriotic idea “Mangilik El.”

In the framework of the National Plan for the implementation of 5 institutional reforms of the Head of Country at the Rudny Industrial Institute by the initiative of the rector A.B. Nayzabekov by the order No. 197 of October 8, 2015, the center “Mangilik El” was created and the Concept, position and work plan of the center were approved.




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