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Executive Secretary of the RIA Admissions Committee

Mustafina Marina Duissenova

8 (714) 319 25 68,

8 (775)7683365

Dear applicants!

For your convenience, the RIA Admission Committee launches a video consultation on the ZOOM platform!⠀
All you need to do is download the ZOOM application and go to the channel using the links below, or using an ID and password.

Our consultants will answer all your questions and provide all the necessary information about admission to RII.
The online consultation is open from 9: 00 to 18: 00, so you can connect at a convenient time for you.

*The waiting room is active in the channels, you must wait for the consultant to connect you at the entrance. If an applicant is already accepted in the main channel, then you need to wait, or connect to one of the backup channels:

Main channel: ID-922 685 7005; access code: 7kbbZ4

Backup channel 1: ID: 237 562 7982; access code: e4aU5q

Backup channel 2: ID: 250 784 3371; access code: vy77Mt


The list of documents for admission to the university for secondary school graduates:


  1. Document of education (original and photocopy),
  2. 6 photo cards in the size of 3*4,
  3. Medical certificate form 075/y, a certificate from a narcologist and a psychologist,
  4. Certificate of UNT or Comprehensive testing,
  5. Certificate of the award of an educational grant (if any),
  6. A copy of the certificate of attribution (if available),
  7. A copy of the identity document,
  8. Certificate from the place of work (for applicants for distance learning),
  9. Documents confirming the benefits (if any),
  10. Vaccination card F-063
  11. Application on the installation sample form (to be filled in by the PC)
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Call - центр

Call-center: 8(71431)50702, 87013849448 По вопросам заселения в общежития: 8(71431)9-25-68, 87054403859 Электронный адрес: