We rely on cooperation with companies that are leaders in the industry

We rely on cooperation with companies that are leaders in the industry

The presence of partner companies is an important factor in the competitiveness of any educational program of the university.

One of the main partners of the educational programs of the technical profile of our institute is JSC “Sokolov-Sarbai Mining and Processing Production Association “, which is a giant of the mining industry of Kazakhstan.

Currently, it can be stated that the cooperation between RII and JSC “SSGPO” is reaching a new level of development. Significant results have been achieved in carrying out joint work: the Expert Council for the accreditation of students’ practical skills functions; public defense of students’ graduation projects with the participation of managers of the enterprise; laboratories are equipped, specialized rooms reflecting the production activities of the Association; branches of the departments at the enterprise are opened; internships for teachers of the Institute in JSC “SSGPO” are organized; Association specialists participate in the preparation of new educational programs of higher education institution, etc.

SSGPO JSC is the main base of professional practice for our students and a major employer for the Institute’s graduates.

Our joint project “First Leaders to Students” is unique in its content. For the third year in a row the directors of SSGPO divisions hold master classes for students of technical specialties of the Institute. These lectures are held every month, at which heads of departments tell students about advanced technologies and work methods used in the mining industry.

So, in March the next online lecture for students in the educational program “Mining Engineering” was held by Mr. Evgeny Chernov, Director of the Mining Complex of SSGPO. The head of one of the largest divisions of the company told the future miners what types of quarry transport are used in JSC “SSGPO”; shared the prospects for large-scale reconstruction of «the Sokolov-Sarbai» open pits; explained why the transportation of rock mass in deep pits is the most expensive, labor and energy intensive process.

After the end of the lecture the students of the Institute got opportunity to ask the lecturer questions, which were interesting for them. They also got to know about the possibility of getting a job at the Institute. It is encouraging that everything that the Director of the Mining Complex of SSGPO spoke about in the online lecture, the students will later see at the plant during their professional practice.


The symbiosis of high-quality theoretical and practical training significantly increases the competitiveness of our practice-oriented educational programs, making them flexible for students and attractive to potential applicants.

At present, we are confident in the effectiveness of our strategy aimed at cooperation with industry leaders. Collaboration of production and training is already paying dividends in the form of a high level of employment for our graduates.

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