Virtual Dean’s Offices Functional Manual

Virtual Dean’s Offices Functional Manual

To the Student:

It is possible to log in from the home page of the Rudny Industrial Institute website by clicking on the “VIRTUAL DEAN” functionality or go to


Feedback to the Dean’s Office is available through a form that opens by clicking on the “Submit Request” button.

After completing the form and clicking on the “Send” button, the dean’s office of the selected department will receive an email with the text from the form

Please note that the data must be current and actual.


For the Dean:

After a student submits a request, the dean’s office will receive an automatic email; there is no need to respond to it; the sender’s information will be on the form with the text of the message.

On the virtual dean’s website there is a functionality for deans, namely the reference generator and you can also enter there from the home page by clicking on the “Functionality for Deans” button.

An authorization form will open in which you must enter your data.

After entering your username and password and clicking on the “Login” button the main page of the generator will open. At the moment generators of 2 certificates are available, this is the certificate-call and certificate-confirmation of training.

Clicking on one of the links will open a reference generator form.

After filling out the form and clicking on the button “Form” the help with a QR-code will be generated and opened in PDF format.

There is also a link at the top of the site that allows you to access the history of all the references issued.

The table shows the number of the certificate, type of certificate, who issued the certificate and to whom the certificate was issued, and you can also view the certificate itself. All certificates are stored at To share the certificate with a student, just send him a link to it.

Checking the authenticity of the document:

Each reference has a QR-code, which directs to the electronic version of the document issued by the Dean’s Office at the domain Please note that the original certificates are located only on the resource “”. To check the document it is enough to scan the QR-code with your smartphone, after which you will be offered to go to the site with a pdf document.

Please note that it must be a site “” with a signed certificate and with a secure connection via https protocol. An example is placed in the figure below.


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