The Faculty of Energy and Information Systems began its career in the history of the Institute in 1978 as the Faculty of Industrial Process Automation (FAPP). The first dean was the Candidate of Technical Sciences Kozlovskikh A.

For the entire period of its existence, the faculty was renamed more than once (the Faculty of Automation of Production Processes-FAPP, the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology-MTF, the Faculty of Electromechanics – EMF), the composition of the faculty changed.

In connection with the reorganization and renaming of faculties and departments, Order No. 121 of 28.08.2012, the Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Energy and Information Systems.

In different years, the faculty was headed by: Baimukhamedov M., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Statsenko V., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Balakleisky S., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Gagarina A., Associate Professor of the RII; Senior lecturer. Tarasov S.; Candidate of Technical Sciences Edilbayev B.; Candidate of Technical Sciences Suyundikov A. ; Candidate of Technical Sciences Khabdullin A.  Since 2019, the faculty is headed by Candidate of Ph. D. Shaldykova B.

The structure of the Faculty of Energy and Information Systems includes the following departments:

  1. Electric Power and Heat Power Engineering (EPaHPE). Acting Head of the department – Candidate of Technical Sciences Aidarkhanov Arman.
  2. Automation, Information Systems and Security (AISaS). Acting head of the department-senior lecturer Shtykova Irina.

The Faculty trains specialists in full-time, full-time with DOT, part-time forms of education, in the state and Russian languages in the specialties and educational programs of bachelor’s and master’s degrees:

6B070106 «Automation and Control»

6B06105  «Information systems»

6B07212 «Industrial and environmental expertise»

6B07114 «Electric power industry»

6B07115 «Heat Power industry»

6B07116 «Technological machines and equipment»

7M07102 «Electric power industry»

The contingent of students of the Faculty of Energy and Information Systems is more than 500 people.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the faculty has the necessary potential and sufficient experience to train personnel in all the above-mentioned specialties.

Currently, the faculty employs highly qualified specialists: Altynbaeva G., Aidarkhanov A., Neberekutina N., Barulin A., Zarubin M., Statsenko L., Obukhova O., Shtykova I.

In 2017, 4 educational programs of the faculty passed international specialized accreditation at the Institute of Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance ACQUIN Germany, Bayreuth: Electric power, Automation and Control, Information systems, Technological machines and equipment. In 2019, 2 educational programs of the faculty passed the international specialized accreditation in the Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education KAZSEE: Heat and Power Engineering, Life Safety and Environmental protection. In 2021, the educational program of the magistratura Electric Power Industry passed specialized accreditation in the Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education KAZSEE.

In 2021, according to the results of the Rating of NCE «Atameken», 4 educational programs of the Rudny Industrial Institute were included in the TOP 5, among them the educational program «Automation and Management» took the 3rd place. Compared to last year, the following educational programs of the RII have improved their positions in the Rating-2020: «Electric Power Industry», «Technological machines and equipment». For the first time in the Rating, the ЕP «Information Systems» took part, which entered the TOP 20.

Rudny Industrial Institute has retained its position in the National Ranking of Demand for Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2021.

According to the results of the IAAR Rating in 2021, the educational program Teploenergetika took the 4th place in the TOP 5. The TOP 10 includes the educational programs  «Electric Power Industry» and «Technological Machines and equipment».

To achieve higher results and 100% employment of future graduates, Modular Educational Programs( MOS), Catalogs of elective disciplines in the specialties of the faculty are discussed annually and agreed with employers. Taking into account their opinions and suggestions, adjustments are made to the list and content of disciplines. Thus, the catalog of elective subjects is updated annually before the beginning of the academic year, taking into account the needs of the labor market.

Taking into account the introduction of the elements of «Industry 4.0» in accordance with the atlas of professions of the future, the following specializations were introduced into the educational program:

According to the ЕР  «Information Systems in business, industry and education»:

– Information systems architect;

– Interface designer.

According to the  ЕР «Automation and control»:

– Automation of technological processes

– Mechatronics and robotics.

According to the ЕР  «Industrial and environmental expertise»:

– Integrated security audit in industry

– Specialist in overcoming systemic environmental disasters.

According to the ЕР «Electric Power Industry»:

– Energy manager;

– Engineer for the modernization of traditional energy equipment;

– Specialist in integrated design of power supply systems.

Engineer of energy-saving technologies

According to the ЕР  «Heat power engineering»:

– Developer-designer of electric and heat energy storage devices;

– A hydrogen power engineer.

In this regard, the working curricula for these specialties were revised to include new disciplines that correspond to current trends in the world.

In addition, in order to ensure a high-quality examination of the working curricula and the content of the educational program, the Rudny Industrial Institute signed an agreement with the Kazakhstan Association of IT Companies in 2018. This cooperation will bring the educational program in line with the requirements of modern industry IT technologies and provide training for specialists who can find IT solutions necessary for real sectors of the economy.

The involvement of employers in the professional training of young people is particularly active in the organization of monitoring of labor markets and educational services. This allows you to coordinate the needs, structure of professions and adjust the content of training to meet the requirements of the developing economy.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity not only to practice at the leading enterprises of the city and the region, but also during the educational process to meet with representatives of production at lectures and practical classes, which allows you to immediately be involved in production at the end of training, so the need for professional adaptation disappears. Since the 2018-2019 academic year, the Rudny Industrial Institute has organized lectures by the heads of the divisions of JSC «SSGPO».

Dual education, along with the optimal transfer of professional experience, allows you to establish your position in the production environment. Businesses benefit from new ideas and impulses coming from learners.

The Department of AISaS has 3 branches: «OVERSOFT» LLP, Rudny, «Ekofon» LLP, Kostanay, «Kazakhstan Service» LLP.

In the period from 2017-2020, three branches of the Department were created at the Department of EPaHPE:

  1. «Sarybay MES» JSC «KEGOC»;
  2. Rudny branch of «Arasan Firm» LLP;
  3. «RMZ MC» LLP.

Employees of the branches of the department participate in conducting training sessions, manage educational, industrial and pre-graduate practices, research work, course and diploma projects (works) of students; participate in the work of the SAC, act as reviewers of diploma projects. Within the framework of the branch of the department, internships of teachers of the RII at enterprises, on-site defense of theses are conducted

One of the additional advantages of studying at the Rudny Industrial Institute today is distance learning technologies.

Students have already appreciated the convenience and quality of university distance learning on the site of the MOOC RII. The platform provides access to educational resources, and also allows students to independently organize a convenient schedule for them to master the material.

Distance learning is carried out using information and communication technologies and telecommunications, with incomplete, indirect interaction between students and teachers. Distance learning technologies at the Rudny Industrial Institute are applied to students studying in reduced educational programs based on technical and professional, post-secondary and higher education.

In connection with the implementation of the State Program for the Development of Trilingualism, classes for students of specialties are conducted in three languages. The result of this is an increase in the level of language training of students, as a result of which they acquire the opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs not only within Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation between the Akimat of Kostanay region and ERG, the laboratory «Labor Protection and Industrial Safety»  was created. The use of Microsoft software in the educational process made it possible to create the MICROSOFT IMAGINE ACADEMY at the Department of Automation, Information Systems and Security.

The management of the Rudny Industrial Institute pays great attention to the purchase of modern laboratory equipment and software systems. So from 2012-2021, the department of facultet purchased equipment worth more than 90 million tenge.

Thus, the Institute has significantly strengthened the practical aspect of the educational process by expanding the range of specializations of educational programs based on a scientifically based long-term forecast of the needs of modern labor markets and taking into account the Atlas of Future Professions. A modern material and technical base has been created, which allows students to acquire skills in working with modern equipment, to understand the essence of technological processes, and for university scientists to conduct research.

Scientists of the Institute are managers and performers of fundamental and applied research under the state order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, contractual topics and international research projects, managers of graduate works of undergraduates and doctoral students of PhD, authors of publications in rating scientific journals with a non-zero impact factor and publications indexed in international databases (Web of Knowledge, Thomson Reuters, Springer, Scopus, Elsevier, etc.).

Teachers of the departments actively introduce and use interactive methods of teaching students in the disciplines, which increases the degree of assimilation of the material. At the same time, interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors are used, network and case technologies are introduced into the educational process.

In its prospects, the faculty sees the continuation of the development of educational and laboratory bases of departments, professional development by teachers, the development of international cooperation in the field of education, in particular, under the student exchange program with universities of near and far abroad.

Students of the faculty have completed internships in European countries within the framework of the International IAESTE Program. The Faculty accepts students from other countries in the above-mentioned specialties for internships. There is an internal academic mobility program between RII and other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students of the Faculty of EiIS go to study at universities in other regions, as well as students from universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan study at the departments of the faculty.

After completing their studies at the faculty, students undergo production and pre-graduate practice and are subsequently employed at the following enterprises: JSC «SSGPO», JSC «KEGOC», JSC «Rudnysokolovstroy», JSC «Kostanay Minerals», JSC «Basis-A», JSC «Kazchrom», JSC «Agromash Holding Kazakhstan», LLP «Rudny Vodokanal», JSC «Aluminum of Kazakhstan», LLP «Orken», «Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V.» and at other enterprises of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and far abroad, confirming their theoretical and professional knowledge.

Over the years of the faculty’s existence, the departments have trained more than one thousand graduates. And we have a right to be proud of them. Our graduates work not only at the enterprises of our city, region and Republic, but also in the CIS countries and far abroad, confirming with their excellent work and professional growth the high level of training of specialists.

One of the main directions in the work of the dean’s office is educational work. It is coordinated by the Deputy Dean Kadirova Assemgul, Master of Technical Sciences, Teacher of the Department of Construction and Construction Materials Science.

Educational work at the faculty is carried out in accordance with the standard of the QMS SO 4.07-2005 «Management of the educational process», the Concept of educational work in the RII, the regulation on the supervision of the academic group in the RII, the approved plans of educational work of the Institute and the faculty in the following areas:

1) organizing and conducting awareness-raising activities;

2) civil and patriotic education;

3) ideological counteraction to terrorism and religious extremism;

4) strengthening of national unity, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional harmony;

5) development of the state language policy;

6) legal education, prevention of offenses, respect for human rights, prevention of crimes related to human trafficking and the formation of an anti-corruption culture among students;

7) formation of healthy lifestyle and environmental education;

8) formation of spiritual and moral values, socially significant qualities and communicative culture of students ‘ personality, development and support of young talents and initiatives of young people;

9) implementation of the «Rukhani Zhangyru» program.

The basis of the activities of the faculty and departments are annually approved long-term plans, the implementation of which is heard at meetings of departments, councils of curators and the faculty. The structure of the reports of managers, teachers and curators of the faculty includes items on educational work.

For the development of independence, responsibility, and the ability to make decisions, the faculty has developed and operates the work on the development of the student self-government system.

The faculty has established a student council. The main tasks of the student council are: representation of students ‘ interests in relations between the administration of the institute and students; active participation in improving the conditions of study and living in the hostel; implementation of student initiatives, promotion of their ideas and projects, assistance to students of the faculty in realizing their creative, organizational and scientific potential; improvement of the system of moral and material incentives for students actively participating in the public life of the institute, the city and the region; improving the cultural level of students; strengthening discipline and improving the corporate culture of students of the faculty.

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